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Morebis has gained a reputation as a reliable partner for innovative start-ups and enterprises. We develop state-of-the-art software products for various domains, from an idea to a market-ready product and beyond.

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MVP (minimum
viable product)

Our dedicated team builds up the MVP you need with a quick-release onto the market. Within a specific timeframe and accurate budget, our engineers will cover negotiated features. You can offer the customers a ready-to-use solution, minimizing resource losses.

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Enterprise product

Apart from developing the MVP, our team provides services for product development from scratch. We utilize the best Agile practices to build up software that can help your business embrace innovations and overcome many-sided challenges.

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Software product

We will help you to redevelop your product to be highly scalable, maintainable, and cost-effective to deal with rising business challenges. Our dedicated team will leverage a dig-deep approach to the main problems that hinder flawless software performance. Based on this, we will recommend solutions and modifications for the better execution of your product.

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On-premise migration to

The pluses of migration from on-premises to the cloud are solid in terms of speed, reliability, security and cost reduction. Morebis can help your company migrate to the cloud-native application with high performance.

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Product enhancements
and maintenance

We can help your software product go beyond traditional standards and require innovative functionality. With a rational allocation of resources, your team can keep your user base satisfied so your experts will concentrate on more critical business issues.

Why us?

Quality assurance
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As your product is going to be used in an uncontrolled environment, our team has no tolerance for defects. We are focused on profound testing, fast bugs detecting, and resolving. As we prepare reports on our performance, you have free access to information about development progress, stages, and other specifications.

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We are proficient in developing resilient cloud solutions both for enterprises and start-ups. Adoption of DevOps & Cloud can significantly cut your operational costs. Your business can become more adaptable for ever-changing world challenges and continue providing the best service.

Time and cost awareness
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Morebis emphasizes tight and accurate timelines to safeguard and maximize our clients' budgets. We have SAFe certified employees and can scale our Agile teams constantly. We apply the best methodologies such as Agile, SCRUM, and others to make sure you get your product with flawless performance in time.

Focus on information security
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Your corporate information is carefully secured and protected from external threats. Software solutions designed by Morebis maintain the highest level of data integrity so you can benefit from the product without security breaches.

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Customer reviews

Kal Walkden

CTO at Lextegrity

I have been to their offices in Ukraine and met them in person. I like the company because they invest in their employees and treat them well. I have found that the team shares lots of midwest values, geography, and weather. I totally recommend Morebis.

Maksin Khasin

Director of Product Development at Intervention Insights

Morebis was a great software development partner for us from day one. With all of the pitfalls and unforeseen trials that you face as a start up, it's extremely important to know that you have a reliable resource partner that will always deliver on their promises.

Viktor Andonov

VP Software Engineering at Moody's Investors Service

In 6 months Morebis delivered my 1st start-up platform, a sales funnel optimization platform. Then they developed 2 mobile apps for me. Wrote an AI, marketing analytics platform. I am super satisfied with their work, professionalism, and hospitality.

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