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Our employees believe in the same values, feel unity, and create an atmosphere of support at all levels. We value not only the bottom line but also human happiness.

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Morebis strives to make businesses genuinely innovative. We are fluent in various technologies and currently focus on Fintech, Retail, Media & Entertainment, Agriculture, Education, and Energy industries.

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Constant Comunnication

We are transparent in our internal processes, we communicate quickly, candidly and clearly.

Corporate Culture Constant Comunnication

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We provide full-cycle software development solutions that scale engineering capacity.

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Swiss Management Model

Each Office is called "Canton" and has its own Canton Representative.

The word "canton" used not just only to specify the company's Office. It is related to the Swiss form of government, which is a federation composed of cantons. In Switzerland, the cantons are free, so that this form is called "pure democracy." On any political level, citizens can propose changes to the constitution, or ask for an optional referendum to be held on any law.

Similarly, at Morebis, anyone can ask for a referendum or raise any question through his/her Canton Representative.


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