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Agriculture Software & Agribusiness Development Solutions

Morebis has helped various agriculture and agribusiness companies with its innovative smart offerings. With a strong focus on the future, we will guide you in the transformation journey from the initial idea to the development and deployment of your product.

What do we offer?

Farm Management Software Services Ukraine

Farm management software services

Morebis farm management software allows entrepreneurs to maximize their control over labor, lands, machine maintenance, crop management, and others. We provide our clients with CRM solutions that give insights about customers’ behavior to improve lead generation processes.

Livestock Management Software

Livestock management software

Our engineers can develop software that enables ranchers to keep track of animals’ locations using innovative sensors. Tailored to your needs, we can release products that can help you with managing breeding, grazing, and other animal specifications.

Mobile Management Solutions for Agriculture Industry

Mobile management solutions

We can build up cross-platform mobile applications so farmers will have access to surveillance and advanced analytics. Fill the gaps in communication with custom integration mobile services wherever you are.

Precise Agriculture Solutions

Precise agriculture solutions

We deliver products that give a holistic view of the cultivated land and livestock. Our precision agriculture solutions address all points of technology workflow, including soil mapping, remote sensing, drones.

Why us?

Dedicated development teams

Our engineers have vast expertise in software development for agriculture enterprises. For each project, we tailor a dedicated team that considerably expands your development capabilities.

Proficiency in innovative agritech

Connected agriculture tools, GIS/GPS, sensors, drones, and other innovations can help you monitor yields more efficiently. Our engineers can integrate cutting-edge technologies that will be useful for data collection, cost minimization, and more precise business predictions.

Focus on security and compliance

As agriculture requires complex software solutions, it is critical to organize a cost-effective environment. Without compromises on safety and compliance, we help agriculture businesses enhance their operations and save money on logistics.

Cultural closeness

Sharing common traits and values plays a crucial role in a successful partnership. Since we are an international IT company with offices in the US and Eastern Europe, we better understand clients’ needs and backgrounds.

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