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Our dedicated in-house team delivers full-cycle mobile development services both for iOS and Android. Morebis has performed thousands of mobile applications and innovative enterprise solutions for different industries since 2016.

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Our expertise

We base our mobile application
development on three technical
milestones: the highest level of data
protection, readable and high-quality
codebase, and user-friendly interface
to get your download-worthy company
ready for a successful launch.

We can advise which type of application
you need based on time to market,
budget, performance, and efficiency.
No matter the model you choose, we
guarantee the skillful implementation of
cutting edge industry practices.

Native applications
for Android and iOS
Pluses: supportive of various features, smooth API
integration, works
Pluses: work across different platforms, cheap and fast to build, easy to make changes Pluses: reduced development costs, simplicity, excellent market reach
Minuses: long time to download, time-consuming Minuses: require internet connection, lack of capabilities, poor UX Minuses: Lack of updates, sluggish code running

Why us?

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We provide both large enterprises and startups with maintainable iOS or Android solutions. We can scale a team up or down to meet all your project requirements.

Full-stack services
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We begin our collaboration with the technical validation of the idea. Then, we proceed with UI/UX design, prototyping, programming, fixing bugs, and post-release maintenance with a possibility of its improvement. We take responsibility to diagnose problems at each step and set up a workflow to make your business future proved.

Transparent and flawless execution
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We deliver our projects within negotiated time and budget frameworks, always adhering to all requirements of the SLA. Our dedicated team is clear and transparent about estimates and deadlines to guarantee you consistency and the approach that eliminates bottlenecks. Once you find a reliable, trustworthy partner, going mobile will be sure and fruitful.

Relevant experience
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Our dedicated team has multi-industry experience of developing applications for different platforms. We utilize the most advanced Agile/SCRUM methodologies so your app will be seamlessly available on Apple Store or Google Play. We know what Apple and Android users want. Therefore, we provide our clients with the most suitable user interface, high level of security, durability, and performance.

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Customer reviews

Viktor Andonov

VP Software Engineering at Moody's Investors Service

In 6 months Morebis delivered my 1st start-up platform, a sales funnel optimization platform. Then they developed 2 mobile apps for me. Wrote an AI, marketing analytics platform. I am super satisfied with their work, professionalism, and hospitality.

Maksin Khasin

Director of Product Development at Intervention Insights

Morebis was a great software development partner for us from day one. With all of the pitfalls and unforeseen trials that you face as a start up, it's extremely important to know that you have a reliable resource partner that will always deliver on their promises.

Kal Walkden

CTO at Lextegrity

I have been to their offices in Ukraine and met them in person. I like the company because they invest in their employees and treat them well. I have found that the team shares lots of midwest values, geography, and weather. I totally recommend Morebis.

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