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Personalized experience in vehicle insurance

Native web applications, iOS, and Android apps with vast functionalities to insure a car or other vehicle online.

Success Story - Personalized Insurance Software Solutions Success Story - Personalized Insurance Software Solutions

Software, Insurance


the USA

Team size:

60 members

  • .Net
  • React.js
  • React Native for Web
  • Kotlin
  • Swift
  • Sentiance
  • Segment.io

Who is the client?

Our client is a leading insurance company that makes online insurance simple, flexible, and transparent. Our client's On-Demand Insurance is custom-built for modern fleets and multi-modal transportation. Our client's primary value is the ability to keep pace with changing trends in the industry by using real-time data from connected vehicles to match each moment's level of risk.

What was the client's goal?

The client wanted us to develop an app that сould analyze and track the user’s movements. After the development stage, the client aimed at creating flawless integration between the product and software to minimize human efforts in the insurance process. The application also had to deliver a personalized experience of insuring a car or other vehicle with a discount system based on alternative transport customers use.

The next part of the project was dedicated to building a system for personal property coverage. The client aimed at creating an app that will help people manage and access information about their most valuable possessions.

The solutions we developed helped our client reduce the time of purchasing from 6 to 2 minutes

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What challenges did we face?

  • The main difficulty of Web Insurance was related to tracking on the map and sending the data to the third party company with the configuration of needed metrics.
  • Risk identification and gathering data in case of an accident. If the vehicle was in a traffic accident, the driver has to fill in lots of invoices. Our task was to create a place for all this data to use it for vehicle repair and other services.
  • React Native for Web was the technology chosen for our web part. As the technology was new and not fully discovered, many simple features were cut from it. As a result, our developers had to find many workarounds.
  • There was no Web Lead in the customer’s company, so our Frontend team was left without any technical support.
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How did we solve these problems?

  • Our engineers integrated Amazon Cognito service to add registration, authorization, and access control into mobile and web applications.
  • All invoices go from the user to one server. Then the documents are sorted into different categories and could be exported in the correct format. We integrated a multimodal fleet management system that focuses on telematics data aggregation, risk identification, categorization configurable metric, and tag-based risk pricing data analytics. As a result, the partner gets a projection invoicing and notification.
  • Our team spent a lot of time on self-development and getting acquainted with React Native for Web technology, which resulted in a high level of expertise in this field.
  • Constant internal support and PR reviews helped the team provide highly qualified code without supervision from the customer side.
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What was the solution we developed?

Our dedicated development team has built native iOS and Android applications, WEB service and Server side to deliver MVP.

  • Our team has used SDK from Data Science platform Sentiance to enable the user's movement analyzer to accurately identify which type of transport is used by the customer. Based on this data, our client can provide relevant discounts.
  • The team has cooperated with the client's partners to integrate their Software and Database with the product we have developed.
  • The functionality was expanded by adding new modules like Submission, Claim, Incident, Billing and Lost & Found, and extensive customization within a multi-tenant design.
  • The application is fully automated and provides cost calculation, renewals, policies, and other features without human interaction, helping to serve clients faster with better user experience.
  • Our engineers have integrated Segment.io so the client can analyze users' behavior and provide better user experience within the application.
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