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Athletes’ progress analytics

The software improves team performance and reduces the number of injuries by 10 times.

Success Story - Athletes Progress Tracking Tool Success Story - Athletes Progress Tracking Tool

Software, Sports


the UK

Team size:

4 members

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Python

Who is the client?

Our customer helps athletes achieve top results using innovative technologies. We have developed software widely used by Manchester United FC, Chelsea FC, Liverpool FC, The Washington Nationals, NIKE, and many other leading teams.

What was the client's goal?

The client wanted to develop software with competitive and qualitative analytics in sport science, project management, and healthcare. The software had to help sports clubs achieve better results with relevant data on aspects they needed to track.

The software improves team performance and reduces the number of injuries by 10 times.

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What challenges did we face?

As this project is one person's direct business, there was no formalized developers' process in place which caused a lot of issues:

  • Unclear understanding of what should be developed.
  • Mess in the development repository.
  • No historical development data were available.
  • The complexity of the product.
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How did we solve these problems?

  • We launched a transparent process of feature agreement and approval before development was integrated into a dev workflow. This method resulted in more specific feature development, and the team spent time more productively doing more in less time.
  • Our team reduced the number of errors and improved product quality. Morebis initiated a convention of development processes. We set rules to follow and defined all the branching needs, feature stages, and naming conventions.
  • The culture of documenting things was implemented into the project. It became easier to find the details of features that were developed a long time ago and their technical aspects.
  • Product guides were designed and kept actualized so that clients contacted developers only in some edge case questions about the product.
  • We have won the client's trust so that he started relying on us and listening to our propositions and ideas.
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What was the solution we developed?

Our team provided full-cycle development solutions for the client. Among the most important features was the development of new modules such as Medical, Timeline, Sport & Conditions, and Executive Dashboard.

  • The medical module allows personnel to track injuries and any related medical info for the athlete. Considerable attention is paid to injuries, conditions, treatments, and medical and physio consultations.
  • Timeline allows admin personnel to create their team events through the admin panel. Such functionality enables planning training and other activities that, in the future, can be used as relevant historical data.
  • Sports & Conditions (S&C) module provides users with the ability to create exercises and workout libraries, assign different workouts for the athletes, send notifications about the upcoming workout to their iOS application. Athletes can track all workouts related info in the system.
  • Executive Dashboard is an in-built reporting system that allows users to create reports by their needs, set the importance of particular indicators for the report, and show the statistics on how the athlete is doing in specific aspects.
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All the modules developed can be set up for any sport or team under athletes' needs. Every coach or physiotherapist can create a workout or report they need for every single sportsman or sportswoman. The system provides some standard settings and allows users to decide which characteristics matter the most. So, users can create a system that helps them to achieve better results.

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