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Ads scheduling tool & inventory optimization platform

The client increased revenue of ad sales up by $4 billion with the software we built.

Success Story - Ads Scheduling Tool Success Story - Ads Scheduling Tool

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the UK

Team size:

24, maximum was 60 experts

  • .Net
  • Angular 7+
  • Docker
  • Azure DevOps
  • SQL Server DB

Who is the client?

Our client is a global leader in video infrastructure, advertising management, and workflow solutions. With more than five decades in broadcast, the company has helped businesses generate fresh ideas for quality video content and monetize it.

What was the client's goal?

The primary goal of our client was maximizing revenue by placing client-oriented ads with the best interval and automating most stages of ad campaigns. To do so, Morebis has developed a cloud-based manual linear on-demand scheduling system that evaluates the progress rate and ensures adequate spacing between ad activities. We have also built an ad-driven inventory optimization platform with audience-based models for our client to make sure that campaigns are optimized with minimum human efforts.

With the software we developed, the company started driving $46 billion in annual ad sales

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What challenges did we face?

Our SAFe certified teams have provided full-cycle development solutions for the client. Here are the main problems we faced:

  • Migration of a high-load NoSQL Document Database to a Relational DB.
  • Enhancement of an optimization & recommendation engine.
  • Development of a cloud-based manual linear and on-demand scheduling system from scratch.
  • A dynamic generator of ad campaign scenarios based on user-configured settings.
  • Linear and on-demand scheduling API and UI.
  • Integration with a third Party Software via a middleware API.
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How did we solve these problems?

  • The problem of migration from a high-load NoSQL Document Database to a Relational DB was solved using different kinds of testing automation, monitoring, optimization of DB, and Raven and SQL server implementation.
  • We have implemented a middleware API to connect two complex services allowing them to exchange, process, and synchronize data. This way, we created an integration with a third Party Software.
  • Our engineers have built a dynamic generator of ad campaign scenarios.This functionality helps broadcasters to achieve higher campaign targets by dynamically generating scenarios based on user-configured settings, performing optimization, and producing recommendations.
  • Our dedicated team has expanded functionality by developing additional features and modules like Autopilot. This functionality helps broadcasters achieve higher campaign targets by dynamically generating scenarios.
  • We have implemented RabbitMQ and Masstransit solutions that help periodically upload Demand, Supply, and Business rules data from the third-party software.
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What was the solution we developed?

Solutions for TV making platform:

  • Media storage

    We have built an advanced media server for managing digital content from ingest to playout. Additionally, we have developed software-defined applications by delivering flexibility, exceptional reliability, and transparency of broadcast operations.

  • Content management and content production system

    We have helped create interfaces and backends for media operations platforms and frameworks for channels playout with all relevant data for TV broadcasters. Our engineers have built servers for storing video content and unified solutions for video editing.

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Solutions for Ads monetization optimization platform:

  • Ads targeting service

    TV providers utilize ads channels service to show advertising opportunities and increase customer engagement. Such services present customer data, ratings, timeslots to deliver ads, scenarios in TV programs or shows, and which content has been viewed.

  • Ads optimization service

    There was not only a decrease in linear ad revenue but also leads and new work complexity. Ads optimization service helps providers utilize audience data and optimize spendings based on interests, actions, and behaviors. When the current audience is so to say overused, then CPM decreased a couple of times. This solution releases new campaigns and helps track efficiency. This service includes real-time analytics, cloud-based computer analytics scenarios, and revenue optimization. With the ability to handle a payload of supply and demand, this solution helps run different campaign variants.

  • Ads scheduling platform

    Cloud-based ads planning platform enables teams to validate content, usage rights, and business rules. Extensive planning tools and scheduling systems help streamline content validation and business rules. This system enables cloud, hybrid, and on-premise implementations. Plus, this tool allows hybrid and flexible implementations and adapting to different languages and time zones.

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